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righting the wrongs in the name of all you believed.

the one who brought the fight. who never said die.

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Mun: Calvin | Noc.
Personal Journal: nocturnical.
Email and MSN:
AIM: NorthernxLion.
Plurk: Nocturnical.

hmd and permissions.
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crit is awesome and very appreciated! feel free to comment here with anything bothering you about germany. ♥

permissions will also go here!

mayfield_rpg information and relationships.
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House: 850 Goldberg Street.
Housemates: N/A.
Job: Mechanic.
Regains: N/A.

abaxrpg application and information.
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player information.

name: Calvin.
are you over 18?: Yes. I'm nineteen.
personal lj: nocturnical.
email/msn/aim/plurk/etc: My Plurk.
characters in abax: N/A.

abaxrpg application.Collapse )

zwei befehl | action.
wtf ☩ itamochi.
[ACTION; around town.]

[Germany is returning home from work. Although he had only been there a few days after relenting to many persistent phone calls, the drones claiming that he'd worked there for years. Not that he minded the work, he was good with mechanics, but their insistence set Germany even more on edge than usual. He's still intent on getting out of this place. Is this some feeble attempt to distract him?

Now it's evening and he's on his way home, looking slightly more disheveled than usual. And a bit more irate.]

eins befehl | audio.
yelling  ☩ rage.
[At first there is mumbling in German as he attempts to dial a number on the phone. Agitated, he raises his voice.]

Is this thing even--!

[A brief pause. When he speaks again it's with a forced calm.]

Right. This morning I awoke in a strange house and there is some lunatic woman here claiming to be my wife. If this is some kind of elaborate prank I will not stand for it.

Urgh, I haven't got time for this nonsense! [There's a loud BANG as he slams his fist against the telephone table.] I will be leaving now, with or without assistance!

towerofanimus information and relationships.
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Character name: Germany (Ludwig).
Age: Physically he's around twenty. His true age is difficult to place. He assumes he's about seventy after the unification of the German states, but going with the theory that he's Holy Roman Empire that would make him many centuries older.
Gender: Male.
Canon point: 1942.

Room: 1-06
Roommates: Lithuania and Castiel.
Collar colour: Violet.
☩ two changes of clothes and his uniform. [note: he doesn't normally wear his uniform around the tower.]
☩ a cap.
☩ a pair of boots.
☩ his iron cross necklace.
☩ his reading glasses.
☩ a pistol.
☩ ammunition.
☩ a fairly large boot knife.
☩ a few ration packs.
☩ a tin of hair gel.
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tv tropes meme!
angry ☩ not pleased.

All A Part Of The Job - Invading countries? Kicking his neighbors around? Being sent on holy grail quests by Hitler? ALL IN A DAY'S WORK.
All Work Vs All Play - Him and Italy.
Drill Sergeant Nasty - He tends to go into this mode when it comes to training sessions.
Germanic Efficiency and Germanic Depressives - Self-explanatory.
Inferiority Superiority Complex - He likes to come across as being reliable and strong, but he has his insecurities.
My Country Right Or Wrong - He hates his boss, but loves his country and his people. He fights for them, not his leader.
Neat Freak - He follows people to clean up after them. And he's a German stereotype.
No Sense of Humour - Again, he's a German stereotype.
Only One Name - Everyone else with a human name has a second name. He doesn't.
Only Sane Man - Unfortunately he's cursed with sanity in a world full of crazy nations.
Opposites Attract - Him and Italy.
Perpetual Frowner - Frowning is his default expression.
Really Seven Hundred Years Old - He looks about 20, but he's actually centuries old.
Red Oni Blue Oni - Him and Prussia.
Sibling Yin Yang - Him and Prussia.
Stoic Woobie - Only his manly diary will hear of his sufferings.
Tsundere - Canonly described as one in a set of character notes. Italy apparently activates his deredere mode.

information post.
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mein herz öffnet sich, ich will befreit werden.Collapse )

headcanon rantings.
serious ☩ beaten up.
manchmal mag mein gesicht grimmig aussehen, aber eigentlich friere ich nur.Collapse )


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