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[At first there is mumbling in German as he attempts to dial a number on the phone. Agitated, he raises his voice.]

Is this thing even--!

[A brief pause. When he speaks again it's with a forced calm.]

Right. This morning I awoke in a strange house and there is some lunatic woman here claiming to be my wife. If this is some kind of elaborate prank I will not stand for it.

Urgh, I haven't got time for this nonsense! [There's a loud BANG as he slams his fist against the telephone table.] I will be leaving now, with or without assistance!

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Take a chill pill.


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Absolutely not! Is this your doing?

[Hey German. Just have someone speaking back to you in your native tongue.]

A prank it is not, I'm afraid my friend.

[He replies in German, audibly slightly more at ease.]

Then what is it?

Wei! [ Her standard reply to everyone, but she sounds awfully cheerful... ] Who is speaking? [ Just making sure! ]


Ah-...I'm afraid it's not that easy to leave.

[Replies in German.]

I'm afraid it's not that simple.

Oh good, you're back Germany.

Since you don't remember anything I'm guessing it'll take you a while to get the normal things sorted out.

I have some notes about the things that have happened here if you'd like to see them in the future.

I am not back because I have never been here before in the first place.

[ German? Why not. Let's go ahead and speak this. ]

Welcome to Mayfield, sir. You're unfortunately here with the rest of us.

Hopefully, not for very much longer.

Oh, good morning, Germany. You can try to walk out of the town, but it does loop in on itself.

Lichtenstein? Just how many of us are here?

That isn't a very nice thing to say. I'm sure she's a very nice lady, Alemania.

( ( Wincing. Wow, someone's angry. ) )

Whether she's nice is irrelevant. She could still very well be a lunatic.

It's way worse than an elaborate prank.

A trap of some kind, then?

Ah, I'm afraid you're stuck here with the rest of us.

[Schrodinger proceeds to reply in German as well.]

I'm afraid you won't be leaving.

Apparently, according to some people.

It's good to hear your voice again.

Admittedly it's a relief to hear from you as well, Ungarn.

[The voice he hears is... Deeper, certainly, but the manner is remarkably familiar.]

... Germany?

... Germany?

...You're back then?

This voice is Germany?

Should definitely go back. Walking does not work, you must mail yourself back. Airholes are optional.

I doubt that would work either.

Woah there son, just take it easy and relax. There's no need to go around losin' ya temper. Sure, it's mighty strange ta wake up in a place you've never been b'fore, and I don't doubt that you've got a lotta questions that need answerin', but gettin' angry ain't gonna git you nowhere, and it's gonna affect your reasonin'. I thought it was a big prank myself when I first arrived here, but people were really kind ta me and helped me fit in just right. That's gonna be difficult for ya if you keep snappin' at people like that. Time's sorta weird in this place, so if there's somethin' ya need ta be gettin' at back home, ya don't have ta worry too much. Now, how about you sit down, take a deep breath, calm y'self down, and then you can get some answers, huh?

engie you're such a bro.

Relax? I've been abducted, I haven't got time to sit around! I need to... research! Collect reliable data!

[Have some more German, bro.]

More and more of us here... I'm starting to become suspicious.

[His tone is light, though.]

You don't sound particularly concerned, though.

Lots of strange stuff happens here, so it's- [he doesn't notice it's Germany right away, but then the gears start working and... oh!]

Germany! You've finally have come to save me! I'm living in 623 Topper Street! I'm sure you can use your fancy GPS and find me.


Italy? You got yourself captured again!?

[As if he wouldn't be able to recognize that voice after all these years. Hello, neighbor.]


It's not what you think.

[No, it's much worse.]

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