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zwei befehl | action.
wtf ☩ itamochi.
[ACTION; around town.]

[Germany is returning home from work. Although he had only been there a few days after relenting to many persistent phone calls, the drones claiming that he'd worked there for years. Not that he minded the work, he was good with mechanics, but their insistence set Germany even more on edge than usual. He's still intent on getting out of this place. Is this some feeble attempt to distract him?

Now it's evening and he's on his way home, looking slightly more disheveled than usual. And a bit more irate.]

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[He had been going around town looking for odd-jobs to earn enough money to buy himself a bike, when he almost bumped right into this dishevelled looking man.]

Ah! Sorry... are you alright?

Yes. [He moves to step around the other man.] Just watch where you're going in future.

[Now that he gets a closer look, Cain can see that this man looks more than a little rough.]

Excuse me, but... are you sure you're okay?

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