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zwei befehl | action.
wtf ☩ itamochi.
[ACTION; around town.]

[Germany is returning home from work. Although he had only been there a few days after relenting to many persistent phone calls, the drones claiming that he'd worked there for years. Not that he minded the work, he was good with mechanics, but their insistence set Germany even more on edge than usual. He's still intent on getting out of this place. Is this some feeble attempt to distract him?

Now it's evening and he's on his way home, looking slightly more disheveled than usual. And a bit more irate.]

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[Aren't we all just lovely little worker ants? She was already dreading walking through the door; her drone husband lamenting that as a wife Cosette should have had dinner done twenty minutes ago. But it's okay sweet pea! (Or whatever the drones say these days...) She was running late as it was, having had to hem a good deal of pants that had been dropped off.

Like Ludwig, she'd apparently worked there for years. While being '19'. Yep.

And she probably wouldn't have noticed him if she hadn't had to abruptly stop in time to not smack into a cheerful tot chasing his ball. When she sees him though he's looking a little more flustered than usual - most impressive. Calling out:]
Allemagne? You... look horrid. [:T Sorry bro]

[He looks around when he hears his name. He sighs irritably at her comment on his appearance. Really, what a rude way to greet someone.]

It's only a bit of oil.

[Of course she hadn't meant it to be rude but he's not the only one harried by their predicament! Quickly throwing out an apology she approached the 'oiled' German. No use to throw questions over a street.]

I take it you just got done from a job you have, had for years? [It'd been what she had been told at her's. Sewing since her dear mother had given her a needle and thread-- ugh.]

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